Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hajimemashite. Sessha wa Buretto gozaro.

I'm Brett Staebell, age 22, blood type O+, and no, I don't have a girlfriend. I do, however, have a pretty sweet situation in Saga-ken, Saga-shi Japan. During the day, I am Buretto (or Brett-sensei, or Pan Sutaberu, or Doraemon, depending on who you ask), half-crazy English teacher, wielder of frisbees, and cyclist of a million meters. During the night, I am Brett (or vomit-sensei, or Yanki-san, depending on who you ask), taiko thunder striker, bar-biker, and proud reinforcer of the loud gaijin stereotype.

Douzo yoroshiku.

I've promised to do this journal for a long time - not just to my friends or parents, but to myself. I've never been particularly keen about the BLOG scene, but that has not stopped me from cultivating my own daily regimen of stalkerly journal-hopping. Although my life has been incredibly fulfilling and unusually lucky, I never thought it was worthy of chronicling. But being over 6000 miles away from your friends and family can alter ones perspective a bit. Plus, maybe something funny will happen! might be a good time say your tickets are nonrefundable. Welcome to the show!

Anyway, I suppose that's enough of an introduction. I plan on updating somewhat often at first to try and make up for lost time, but we'll all have to wait and see.