Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tis the Season

I've been even busier than usual, and thus my list of "Things Done" has even further eclipsed my list of "Things Blogged". The reasons are sundry and AWESOME (mostly), and you'll be privy to all of them in due time. But for now, a little aside to whatever few readers visit this site with regularity.

First off, sorry! I should be updating more, eh? Consider it a New Years Resolution!

Second of all, please donate to Child's Play! Child's Play is a charity that focuses on providing hospital-bound children with various games to improve the quality of their life, which means a whole lot when you consider why they might be in the hospital in the first place. The organization lets you choose which hospital you would like to donate to, and then provides an extensive "wish list" provided by those hospitals, further letting you specify your donation. Shoving money into a red Salvation Army bucket is a fine way to donate, but maybe the gift would mean more to you - and to the child - if you have chosen both the hospital AND the item.

The link, if any of you are looking to spread the word, is http://www.childsplaycharity.org/ . This has remained my favorite charity over the past few years for reasons that should be obvious to anybody who knows me, and so it's my honor to try and spread the word to all of you.

Thank you, best wishes, and Merry Christmas!

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