Monday, December 15, 2008

So You're Visiting Brett in Japan: Introduction

Welcome to the beginning of an X-part series, "So You're Visiting Brett in Japan!"
This idea, like so many of my blog posts, is way overdue. I've already played host to two friends from abroad and answered the questions of a half-dozen more, and each time I assemble the same batch of information: Good times to travel, sight-seeing, what you need to bring clothes-wise, culture-shock-tastic expectations, tasty foods, scary foods, foods you will probably face in combat, and all things ninja-related. Although there are always personal elements to what I tell most people, there is also a general outline. Some things should be done if you're lucky enough to be strolling around on these distant shores, and to better (and more permanently) relate that, so begineth our journey.

Although I have a few ideas for how I'm going to construct these posts, I'd like to encourage my two or three readers to write down questions you'd like me to address in the coming weeks. Some of them I might already have planned, others not, but it'll at least give me an idea of where to steer this wreck. Expect the first post within the next week. The subject: Seasons Greetings. Brett, out!

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