Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chotto mate, ne

I know I started this with ambitions of nearly daily posts and now I'm hardly seeing one a week, but let me assure you it's not for lack of effort. I have one post that's nearly done, but thought I'd whip out a little "one day in the life of" filler to let you all get an idea of how things roll here.

6:45-7:30am - Wake up, prepare a few things for class, etc, etc
7:30-8:00am - Bike to school.
8:00-noon - Three classes with class-preparation before and in between
noon-5:00pm - Speech contest. I've been training 6 kids for the past month, every day after school for about 1 hour and sometimes on Saturdays for 2 hours. Not a minute counts as work time. Today they finally competed - I had a kid place in every age-group. Yay!
5:00-6:30pm - Back to school, where I prepare for more classes with a teacher and try and organize my desk
6:30-7:00pm - Bike back into the city. It's drizzling, dark, and on the way my bike chain jumps off the gears twice. My hands are covered in grease.
7:00-8:10pm - Christmas Charity Party Board of Directors planning meeting. I am (hopefully) designing the flyer, playing the role of Santa, and taking charge of the decoration planning. Until the party (Dec 10th), I'll attend at least 5 more meetings, and probably more to talk to other volunteers.
8:15-9:45pm - Ballroom dance class. I just started up, but it seems like it could be fun.
10:00-present (around 11:30pm) - Get home, eat a simple dinner (something I had half-prepared earlier), clean dishes, etc...and hop on the internet.

I do have a lot to write in this thing, but right now I don't have a lot of time to do it. I hope you will all continue to check back, and leave posts - I will respond to the old ones soon enough, and it's good to know people are checking in.

Translation of the title - whoa, wait a second!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brett, it's Mandi. ^.^ I completely understand things being busy. Hell, it's just nice to hear from you at all. Although I have to say, the mental picture of you as Santa Claus definately garnered me some weird looks in the coffee shop with my hsyterical giggling.

Sam said...

Unfortunately you don't have your mega-beard anymore because then you could dye it white and be the real Santa. That and putting on 100 pounds.

Jessica said...

Holy shit you're busy. Do you even have time to game anymore?

Btw, EVERY blog entry needs at least a few pictures. Way to fail, Brett. >:[

M said...

Agreed. Pictures please!! btw, sorry to hear about that ride back in the rain :(.

Vanessa said...

check out my facebook for pics tagged of me.. yay! i want pics from you, mister!
I miss ballroom with you :( :(

Chris said...

No shave November begins today. . . or yesterday for you! If you can't grow out the Grizzly Adams beard for professional reasons at least keep a well trimmed one! Werd.

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