Thursday, November 09, 2006

In my country there is problem

Let's cut to the chase - I'm a little drunk right now.

And that doesn't even cover it. I've had a LOT to drink. This is only weird for one reason - it's a Wednesday night.

My friend Nirav invited me out to a yakitori restaurant where he received special treatment maybe a week or two before for being so great at Japanese. So he decided to take me along for run #2, and a random bhuddist decided to not only join us at the table, but handle our entire beer tab...which only became large because he continued on INSISTING to buy more beer for us. I only understood maybe 20-30% of the conversation he had with Nirav, but I understood the part where he said "your friend is like an animal, and he reads your face for the reaction he should have," hahaha which was enough to make the guy realize that I wasn't COMPLETELY clueless. Anyway, several beers later he left, after which the owner of the place provided us MORE beer and bought us a taxi to go eat with him at a local gyoza haunt.

Another beer and a lot of sake later, we were still chatting at 2am. The TV happened to be showing some....ah...risque material, and when I commented on it in English, it happened to be the only thing our Japanese escort understood. Funny thing, fate. Still, he bought us more than our fill in gyoza, and we would not have paid one red cent if not for the fact that we hid (I'm not even kidding, we had to HIDE about twenty bucks) some money back at his restaurant to pay for part of our meal. Japan. Is. Amazing.

Anyway, as I said, I'm a little gone right now, and only posting because one SAM KORTZ (that's right, Sam, live in INFAMY) put me up to it. Hopefully this won't look so bad in the morning.

G`night everybody, I'll post more soon, I swear.

<3 Brett


Jessica said...

No pictures?? WAY TO FAIL AGAIN

But... your night = fuckin awesome

Justin said...

You're an articulate drunk